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8/14/17 DG17-08 Area Familiarization
7/17/17 DG17-07 Pre-Connected Hoselines Part II
6/16/17 DG17-06 24' Ladders
5/22/17 DG17-05 2.5 for ADULTS
4/17/17 DG17-04 Thermal Imager Review
3/17/17 DG-17-03 Three on Three Hose Hockey (Advancing Hose)
2/15/2017 DG-17-02 Locate an Activated Pass Device
1/17/2017 DG-17-01 Large Area Search Drill
12/15/2016 DG-16-12 Rescue-Lift Airbags
11/10/2016 DG-16-11 SCBA Confidence Drill
10/24/2016 DG-16-10 ERG Revised
9/19/2016 DG-16-09 Responder Safety on Roadway
8/15/2015 DG-16-08 Connecting to a Building’s Fire Department Connection (FDC)
7/21/2016 DG-16-07 Drafting Drill
6/15/2016 DG-16-06 Forward lay/ Offensive Fire Attack
5/17/2016 DG-16-05 One Engine Reverse Lay-out
4/14/2016 DG-16-04 Decon After Structure Fire
3/06/2016 DG-16-03 Exterior Knockdown
2/19/2016 DG-16-02 Entanglement/MAYDAY Drill
1/13/2016 DG-16-01 Carbon Monoxide & Home Heating Fire Response Course Slides
12/9/2015 DG-15-12 Hazardous Materials: Decon
11/18/2015  DG-15-11 Preconnected Hoselines - part deux 
10/21/2015 DG-15-10 Pump Panel Operations 
9/17/2015 DG-15-09 Extrication Tool Operation (Firefighter Jenga ®) 
8/18/2015 DG-15-08 Operating an Eductor
7/13/2015 DG-15-07 Equipment/Tools Location (or What's in that compartment?)
6/8/2015 DG-15-06 2 1/2" for ADULTS
5/18/2015  DG-15-05 Drafting Drill
5/18/2015 DG-15-05b Course Supplement
4/16/2015 DG-15-04 Firefighter Survival: Follow the Hoseline Drill
3/16/2015 DG-15-03 Locate an Activated Pass Device
2/10/2015 DG-15-02 Large Area Search & Rescue
1/12/2015 DG-15-01 Thermal Imager Review - Part 1
1/12/2015 DG-15-01 Slides Thermal Imager Review - Slides
12/17/2014 DG-14-12 Carbon Monoxide & Home Heating Fire RESPONSE
11/20/2014 DG-14-11 Nine Tire Drill
10/17/2014 DG-14-10 Fire Jeopardy
9/17/2014 DG-14-09 Rescue Carries and Drags
8/13/2014 DG-14-08 Forward Lay/Offensive Fire Attack
7/16/2014 DG-14-07 Ventilation
6/19/2014 DG-14-06 Exterior Knock Down
5/22/2014 DG-14-05 Responder Safety on Roadway
4/14/2014 DG-14-04 Connecting to a Building's Fire Department Connection (FDC)
3/12/2014 DG-14-03 Equipment Scramble Drill
2/13/2014 DG-14-02 ERG Review
2/13/14 DG-14-02 Flashcards ERG Review Flashcards
1/23/14 DG-14-01 Preconnected Hoselines
12/15/13 DG-13-02 Portable Master Stream Rapid Deployment-One Engine Reverse Layout
11/13/13 DG-13-03 SCBA Confidence Drill
11/13/13 MU-221-16 GHS Haz Com Lesson Plan
11/13/13 MU-221-16 Handouts GHS Haz Com Handouts
11/13/13 MU-221-16 Slides GHS Haz Com Slides