FETI EMT Admission Notes

  1. Students should bring their personal computer to orientation night
  2. Students should pre-shop and wear the following to orientation class
    Any purple t-shirt LSU or plain
    Black Tactical Boots at least 6 inches tall (Prices at Walmart 2/18 $42.00 and up)
    Black Belt (plain no detailing) --- (Prices at Walmart 2/18 $20.00 and up)
    Khaki Pants (cargo or plain PANTS fine no shorts or capris)---(Prices at Walmart 2/18 $27 to 50)
  3. Students should come prepared to order uniform shirt from prescribed vendor orientation night with a CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD ($27.00 to $32.00 depending on size.)
  4. All prerequisite paperwork will be turned in orientation night. Make copies of all your documents you need back. (CPR, Driver’s License and Insurance Cards)
    • Per National Registry and State Requirements, we can only accept America Heart Association Basic Life Support and American Red Cross Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers. No exceptions allowed.