Advanced EMT

Course Description:

The Advanced EMT (AEMT) has training in specific aspects of advanced life support (ALS) as found in the NHTSA 2009 National EMS Education Standards including intravenous (IV) therapy, certain types of advanced airway management and assisting with administration of certain medications. The role of the AEMT closely resembles the EM TIntermediate (I1989) curriculum. Individuals trained at the EMT Intermediate (I1999) curriculum were able to perform certain skills such as intubation and manual defibrillation, which are not performed at today’s AEMT level. Note: The EMT Intermediate (I ‘84 and I ‘99) certification levels have been replaced by the AEMT. This course is approved by the National Registry of EMTs and the Louisiana Bureau of EMS, and consist of a minimum of 175 hours (beyond the EMT level) of classroom instruction in addition to hospital clinical and ambulance field patient care in which student must meet set numbers of clinical skills objectives such as: (i.e. medication administrations, successful IV starts, successful ventilations, assessment and treatment plans for patients with various medical conditions, assessments on pediatric, adult and geriatric patients, and documented patient transports as the “team leader”). In addition to meeting psychomotor and cognitive requirements, students will also be graded (as pass/fail) on the “affective” learning domain as it relates to student’s timeliness, preparedness, and behavior. After successful course completion, students will be allowed to participate in the National Registry psychomotor and written exams. After successfully completing this process and obtaining certification from the National Registry of EMTs as an Advanced EMT, the student is eligible to apply for a Louisiana License as an Advanced EMT.


To enroll in an AEMT course, students must be currently licensed by the Louisiana Bureau of EMS as a Nationally Registered, State of Louisiana licensed EMT as well meeting other organizational and institutional pre-requisites as found in FETI course listings.