Offshore Firefighting

Course Description:

This course provides instruction on how to prevent, control, and extinguish fires on an offshore platform utilizing extinguishers, firefighting hand lines and foam. Subjects covered are fire behavior, ignition sources, flammable and combustible liquids, portable fire extinguishers, water and foam applications. Field exercises will help develop the skills and knowledge on how to successfully and safely control and extinguish fires common to the offshore profession.

In the classroom this course will cover fire behavior, principles of teamwork and communication, fire streams and extinguishing agents, PPE and ICS. During field exercises students will be introduced to PPE, SCBA, hose lines and hose handling, and proper selection and use of portable fire extinguishers.


None listed

Class Information:

This course is not USCG and STCW approved.

All students will be required to furnish their own firefighting PPE with the exception of SCBA. LSU FETI will furnish the SCBA if/ when needed. Students may also want to bring sun screen, extra clothes, and a photo ID.

Proper attire must be worn at all times during the class. Long pants shall be worn at all times. T-shirts are permitted to be worn, permitted the shirt is full length (no cut-off shirts) and has a full sleeve. (Long-sleeved shirts are recommended) Tank tops are not to be worn. Open toed shoes are not permitted (safety toes are not required).

All students should be in good health and must be willing to submit to medical monitoring by FETI staff. Medical monitoring will be discussed on the opening morning of the class.