Important Information Regarding FETI Classes

Please Note: If more than one course charge is shown, the first charge applies to all Louisiana Municipal Fire Departments who are issued a Fire Department ID from the State Fire Marshal's Office and are supported by the 2% Fire Insurance Fund- registering at the lower cost provides an electronic textbook. The second charge listed is also for Louisiana Municipal Fire Departments, but provides for a hardcopy textbook. The third charge applies to all non-Louisiana Municipal Fire Departments including state agencies (in-state and out-of-state), out-of-state fire departments, federal agencies, and the private sector, etc.

Reading and passing written examinations is an essential element of many of the FETI programs. Requests for accommodations for disabilities will be considered on a case by case basis once adequate contemporary documentation of the disability and of the need for the specific accommodations requested have been provided. Accommodations which would alter essential elements of a particular program will not be granted.

Protective Clothing Requirements: Students, or their sponsoring agency, are required to provide the necessary protective clothing (bunker coat, pants, boots, gloves, helmet, hoods etc.) that meets the NFPA Standard 1971: Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting. Also long-sleeve shirts and long pants are to be worn under the protective clothing at all times. Inspection of protective clothing will precede training to assure that equipment meets requirements. Students without appropriate protective clothing will not be allowed to participate in practical training.

If you are taking any course to acquire CERTIFICATION, an additional application and fee will be required.