Testing Process


Each candidate for certification will be one of two things: A member of a Louisiana fire department, a member of some other Louisiana emergency responder organization, or industrial corporation that have been approved for certification. In all cases, a TEST REQUEST FORM will need to be completed and submitted. Candidates for certification must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Identification and age are verified with a photographed ID (driver's license). The fire chief/administrator, training officer, or pre-approved designate of the department/organization recommends the candidate for examination. No individual will be examined unless he/she is sponsored by a fire department or approved organization. 



The Test Request Form is a fillable, PFD form that allows for entering information by computer. The form has capabilities to automatically attach the completed form to email application or the form can be printed for scanning or submitted hard-copies. 

The fire chief or administrator of the department recommends the candidate for examination and will need to fill out the information on the test request form pertaining to them. No individual will be examined unless he/she is sponsored by a fire department/organization. The candidate can view the Certification Examinations Calendar on the CERTIFICATION HOME PAGE to decide on a time and location that is convenient for them. The candidate can take any test at any one of the test sites as long as the specific test requirements. The requirements for each specific examination can be found by clicking on the chosen examination listed in the list of available exams. Walk-in registration at the test site will not be accepted. 

Any candidate that does not show up for the examination, the department or organization will be subject to the charge. In order to avoid charges, test candidate cancellations must be made twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled test time. 

Once the Test Request Form is filled and approved by the department/organization, the written request of examination must be submitted to the Louisiana Firefighter and Emergency Responder Certification Program by email. The complete form should be sent as a scanned image (jpg, png, photo, etc.) or PDF to, feticert@lsu.edu, seven (7) days prior to the examination date chosen. 


Costs & Fees: 

Non-Louisiana Fire Department Members/Industrial Fees 

Candidates that are not a member of a Louisiana fire department the cost of the examination is $80.00 and must be paid prior to or on the day of the examination, unless other arrangement have been approved by the Assistant Director of Certification. Allowed payment options include credit card, money order, or check. 

Louisiana Fire Department Members 

Candidates that are a member of a Louisiana Fire department supported by the 2% Fire Insurance Fund, the costs are as follows: 

$20/exam for Hazmat Awareness, Hazmat Operations, Firefighter I, and Firefighter II 

$35/exam for all other examinations 


These examination charges will be invoiced to the candidate’s department, unless other arrangements for payment are made. 


Steps to Receiving Confirmation Notice for Testing: 

A candidate for certification must meet the prerequisite requirements as outlined by NFPA Professional Qualifications and the Louisiana Firefighter Certification Program for the certification level requested. The requirements for each specific examination can be found by clicking on the chosen examination listed in the list CERTIFICATIONS OFFERED . After the Certification program receives a valid candidate's test request form, the request is then processed for approval. Upon completion of the processing, a confirmation notice is sent electronically to the fire chief, training officer, or pre-determined designate, not to the candidate. 



Grading and Results 

The completed examinations will be scored in a timely fashion, with the unofficial results being emailed within five (5) days of the exam date and official results mailed within thirty (30) days. No telephone or fax requests for results, (including pass or fail), shall be granted. 

 Probation Period:

Candidates failing two (2) cognitive (written) or manipulative (practical) examinations in a ninety (90) day period will be denied testing for ninety (90) days. Cognitive exams will require new manipulative skills evaluations after the ninety day (90) probation period. 

Skills Evaluation Expiration :

The manipulative skills evaluations expire in one hundred eighty (180) days. Once expired, a different version of the skills evaluation should then be administered. 

Examination Time Limits: 

Examination times may vary, but the maximum amount of time for all written examinations is no more than two (2) hours, unless approved accommodations are applied. 

Learning Disability Accommodations: 

Requests for testing accommodation based on learning disability along with a medical history should be directed to the Human Resource Manager mlebl46@lsu.edu of the Fire and Emergency Training Institute who will interact with the certification staff and LSU's Office of Human Resource Management to determine what accommodation, if any, is indicated. 


Dishonesty of any kind with respect to examinations, alterations of records, or attempts to use the mail to obtain certification will not be tolerated. Examinations must represent the student's own work and must be completed in the presence of an approved Lead Evaluator without the assistance of books, notes, devices, or outside help, unless specified otherwise in the examination directions. Candidates who give information to a dishonest candidate will be considered as culpable as the candidate being assisted. 

Electronic Devices: 

It is preferred that test applicants leave electronic devices (cell phones, portable radios, PDAs, tablets, pagers, etc.) in vehicle. However, understanding that dispatching may be conducted through any one of these devices, these items may be allowed into the testing area. If such case, device much be powered down. If a fire department issued radio or pager (with no photo capabilities), the volume on these devices should be lowered to a level that responder can hear dispatch, but low enough to minimize disruption to other test applicants. The Louisiana Firefighter and Emergency Responder Certification Program is a voluntary program.