Hazardous Materials Incident Commander


NFPA Standard: NFPA 472, 2013 Edition, Chapter 8

Accredited: IFSAC: Yes, ProBoard: Yes

Prerequisites: Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations

Description: The hazardous materials incident commander shall be able to analyze a hazardous materials/WMD incident and determine its complexity, identify potential problems, collect and interpret information from various sources, estimate the potential outcomes in the endangered area, plan a response operation within the capabilities and competencies of available resources, develop an incident action plan which addresses site safety and is within the emergency response plan of the AHJ, implement the response and monitor the plan, implement and use the incident command/unified command system, direct outside resources as necessary to accomplish incident objectives, terminate emergency phase of the incident, transfer command, conduct incident debriefing, critique and complete incident reports and documents in accordance with local/state and nation requirements. 

Requirements for Certification: Candidates shall be at least 18 years of age. Complete a practical skills examination with a "Passing" score. Complete an 50 question written examination with a passing score of 70% or higher