Fire Service Instructor II

NFPA Standard: NFPA 1041, 2019

Accredited: IFSAC: Yes, ProBoard: Yes

Prerequisites: Fire Service Instructor I, practical

Description: Fire Service Instructor II will demonstrated the knowledge and ability to develop lesson plans for use by an Instructor I, schedule resources for use during a course, understand the budget process of the AHJ and prepare a program budget, deliver instruction effectively from a prepared lesson plan, and use instructional aids and evaluation instruments; modify a lesson plan to the unique requirements of the students and authority having jurisdiction; develop evaluation tools to measure student success, the effectiveness of a course and supervise other instructors and evaluate them and provide them feedback to improve their skills. 

Requirements for Certification: Candidates shall be at least 18 years of age. Complete a practical skills examination with a "Passing" score. Complete an 80 question written examination with a passing score of 70% or higher

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