Certification Evaluator Program


 We are looking for candidates to be considered for the new certification evaluator program that will take effect January 1, 2019!

All Certification Evaluator candidates will have to formally apply for the position and be required to submit the following documents before the deadline to be considered. If you are currently an evaluator based on the previous program, this is a newprogram so you will need to apply. All current evaluators through the previous program will expire on December 31, 2018 and the new evaluators with this program will be active on January 1, 2019. The following documentation must be submitted no later than August 31, 2018, for the 2019 Lead Evaluator Program:

1)     Certification evaluator application form completely filled out (link to form at bottom of info)

  •  Please note that this documents requires your compliance to having the required certifications to be an evaluator. If it is determined by looking into our system that you do not have allof the required certifications, you will notbe accepted. Hazmat Operations, FFII, and Instructor II are all required certifications. If you obtained Firefighter I prior to when Hazmat Operations was required, you mustget certified in Hazmat Operations or you will not be a valid candidate.
  • A key item to note is the training affiliation policy. Evaluators are prohibited from administering skills testing to individuals(s) on a subject area that the evaluator was involved in the training of said individual(s). This applies to person(s) not only in the same department as the evaluator, but also non-department person(s). A violation of this policy will result in the disqualification of evaluator status and a possible suspension of future certification testing.
  •  There are 3 available workshops listed on the application form. You must attend one to be eligible. If you cannot attend one of the 3 workshops listed, you can apply for the program next year.

2)    Provide a cover letter expressing your interest in being a certification evaluator. If you have previously been one, you can include this information in the letter for our records.

3)    Provide a letter of recommendation no more than 3 months oldfrom your Fire Chief on departmental letterhead supporting you becoming a certification evaluator.If you are the Fire Chief, please provide a letter of recommendation from the next ranking member of your department. Be sure that they include their title in the letter.


These documents can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to the Certification office. If you plan to mail or fax your documents, make sure you provided your email address on the application form. Follow up emails will be sent to confirm receipt of documents. Mailed documents can be sent to:

Attn: Evaluator Program
6868 Nicholson Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70820

If you are faxing your documents, the fax number is 225-334-6065.

If you are emailing your documents, they must be a scanned version with the signatures needed. They can be emailed to feticert@lsu.edu and include the email subject “Lead Evaluator Application – Name”. 

An official email will be sent by the end of September to notify candidates if they are accepted into the program.
Click here to download the New Certification Evaluator Application Form