Advisory Committee


 The purpose and scope for the Certification Advisory Committee include:


·       Promote the certification system to the fire service of Louisiana,

·       Provide recommendations and advice to the Assistant Director of Certification of the LFERC.

·       Approve uniform minimum standards for emergency responder certification.

·       Ensure quality and uniformity in the certification system.

·       Ensure that all testing and certifying services available to all firefighters or participants without regard to race, sex, creed or ethnic origin.

·       Review appeals and revoke, suspend, annul or deny certification if warranted. 


 The 13 members of the Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) are:




Robert Benoit (Chair) Region 1
Linton Duet

Region 1

Tommie Walters

Region 1

Lance Smithson

Region 2

Megan Talton Region 2
Tommy Houston Region 3
John P. Lane (JP) Region 3
Chris Womack Region 3
Matt Robertson Region 4
Keith Murray Region 4
Scott Slayter Region 4
Sam Colon Industry Rep

Committee member selection is based on several factors including career status, region of the state, experience and support of the certification system.  These appointments will be for a three-year period with a yearly review for each member on the anniversary date of the committee.


The Certification office would like to thank these individuals for their willingness to serve on the very important committee. Committee members serve without any compensation and do so with the willing support of their agencies.