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Figures for Afro-Cuban Diasporas in the Atlantic World, Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2010.



Figure A Community Center for  the 'Popo Aguda,' the Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian neighborhood in Lagos, 2001, photo by author. 


::Images Otero:Figure 2 Otero and Omoba Prince T Olusi.jpg

Figure B Omoba Prince T. Olusi and Solimar Otero, Ile Omoba Olusi, Lagos, 2001, photo by author.


::Images Otero:Figure 3 Child Olokun Devotee.jpg

Figure C Child devotee  of Olokun preparing for the Eyo Masquerade, Lagos, 2001, photo by author.  Olokun was the deity propitiated to bring the Aguda to LagosŐ according to the local royal Ifa Divination Corpus.


::Images Otero:Figure 4 Chief Lola Bamgboshe.jpg

Figure D Chief Lola Bamgboshe Martins, Olowo of the Songo Egungun,  and  prominent member of the Bamgboshes. Photo taken March 2001, Lagos, Nigeria, by author.


::Images Otero:Figure 5 Bamgboshe Martins House Mural.jpg

Figure E The Bamgboshe Martins House, Lagos, 2001, photo by author. This house is the historical site of the Songo Egungun Masquerade brought from Bahia, Brazil to Lagos, Nigeria in the late 19th Century.


::Images Otero:Figure 6 Bamgboshe Egungun Shrine.jpg

Figure F Bamgboshe Egungun  Shrine, Lagos, 2001, photo by author.  Masquerade ancestors of the family are rendered here. 


::Images Otero:Figure 7 Hilario Campos.jpg

Figure G Hilario Campos, Afro-Cuban repatriate to Lagos. Campos was born in Cuba in 1878 and became the founder of the Cuban Lodge and Campos Square in Lagos, Nigeria. Photo taken in late 1890's, courtesy of Mrs. Ola Vincent's personal collection. Photo of photo taken by author with permission.


::Images Otero:Figure 8 Cuban Lodge.jpg

Figure H The Cuban Lodge, Campos Square, Lagos, Nigeria, 1999, photo by author.


::Images Otero:Figure 9 Aderemi Gooding-King.jpg

Figure I Mrs. Catherine Aderemi Gooding-King (far left) and neighbors inside of the Cuban Lodge, Lagos, 2001, photo by author.


::Images Otero:Figure 10 Grave for Cuban Aguda.jpg

Figure J Grave for Cuban Aguda Mrs. Anastasia Gooding, Hilario CamposŐ daughter, Ikoyi Cemetery, Lagos, 2001, photo by author.  Note the mention of the Cuban Lodge to the right.



::Images Otero:Figure 11 Hilario Campos Grave.jpg

Figure K Grave for Cuban Aguda brother and sister, Hilario Campos and Johana Cicelia Munis, Ikoyi Cemetery, Lagos, 2001, photo by author.  Note how both were born in Cuba and died in Lagos, Nigeria between the 19th and 20th Centuries.


::Images Otero:Figure 12 Ola Vincent by Campos Grave.jpg

Figure L Mrs. Ola Vincent, Granddaughter of Hilario Campos, Ikoyi Cemetery, Lagos, 2001, photo by author.