The Medieval and Renaissance
Interdisciplinary Studies Project at Louisiana State University


A developmental project to promote interdisciplinary work in teaching and research within the Medieval and Renaissance Fields at LSU

Introduction to MARIS

  • The acronym MARIS stands for Medieval and Renaissance Interdisciplinary Studies, a developmental project at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. 

  • Begun with the assistance of a National Endowment for the Humanities Focus Grant and a Louisiana Board of Regents Enhancement Grant, the project encompasses a lecture and workshop series, the establishment of the Consortium of Medieval and Renaissance Scholars from Louisiana colleges and universities, and a monthly Faculty Forum in which faculty and graduate students may present their current research. 

  • The co-directors of the project, Maribel Dietz ( and Kirstin Noreen (, are medievalists from the History Department and School of Art.  Eleven members of the LSU faculty from seven different departments have committed to support actively the project.

  • Additional goals for the project include the investigation and application of new technologies for teaching and research, and the offering of an undergraduate minor in Medieval and Renaissance Interdisciplinary Studies .

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