Medieval & Renaissance Faculty at LSU

Project Directors
Core Faculty
Complete Medieval and Renaissance Faculty

Project Directors

Dr. Maribel Dietz
Assistant Professor of History (Ph.D. Princeton, 1997)
Medieval Europe, Late Antiquity
Office:  231-D Himes Hall
Phone:  (225) 578-1141  

Maribel Dietz specializes in the history of the late antique and early medieval Mediterranean world.  Her work is interdisciplinary in nature involving the areas of history, religion, and art.  Her current work concentrates on travel and early monasticism.  As an assistant professor at LSU, Dr. Dietz has labored to create an interdisciplinary Medieval and Renaissance studies group. She has a strong commitment to the utility of interdisciplinary studies both in research and teaching, undergraduate and graduate.  She has advised three Ph.D. dissertations to completion and currently has three Ph.D. students.

Dr. Kirstin Noreen
Assistant Professor of Art History (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, 1999)
Medieval Art History, Italy
Office:  321B Art Building
Phone:  (225) 578-7429

A specialist in medieval Roman painting, Prof. Noreen has recent publications on the eleventh-century frescoes in the church of Sant’Urbano alla Caffarella (Rome) as well as the revival of Early Christian and medieval art in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  She is currently working on the afterlife of medieval icons during the Counter-Reformation.  In addition to taking an interdisciplinary approach in both her research and teaching, Dr. Noreen has also been involved in the application of new technologies in the classroom; she is now developing an interactive website for the introductory course to art history.


Core Faculty

The twelve core participants committed to the project come from seven different departments, four colleges, and the libraries.

Maribel Dietz, Dept. of History,

Jan Herlinger, Music,

Paul E. Hoffman, Dept. of History, 

Alison McFarland, Dept. of Music, 

Susannah Monta, Dept. of English, 

Kirstin Noreen, School of Art, 

Lisi Oliver, Dept. of English, 

Faye Phillips, Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library, 

Mary Sirridge, Dept. of Philosophy, 

Greg Stone, Dept. of French and French Studies, 

Mark Zucker, School of Art,

Complete Medieval and Renaissance Faculty



Leigh Clemons (Theatre),
Anne Coldiron (English),
Christine Cowan (English & Honors College),
Maribel Dietz (History),
Femi Euba (Theatre),
Jesse Gellrich (English),
Robert Hamm (English)
John Henderson (History),
Jan Herlinger (Music),
Paul Hoffman (History),
Ann Holmes (Honors College),
Kate Jensen (French & French Studies),
Christine Kooi (History),
Alexandre Leupin (French & French Studies),
Marchita Mauck (Art),
Michael McAuley (Law School),
Alison McFarland (Music),
Robert McMahon (English & Honors College),
Susannah Monta (English),
Kirstin Noreen (Art),
Lisi Oliver (English & Linguistics),
Margaret Parker (Spanish),
Sylvia Parsons (Latin)
Faye Phillips (Hill Memorial Library),
John Protevi (French & French Studies),
G. Ellis Sandoz (Political Science),
Gregory Schufreider (Philosophy & Religious Studies),
Fredrikke Scollard (Art),
Mary Sirridge (Philosophy),
Elaine Smyth (Hill Memorial Library),
Victor Stater (History),
Gregory Stone (French & French Studies),
James Stoner (Political Science),
Leslie Wade (Theatre),
Melissa Waldman-Stem (French & French Studies),
Mark Zucker (Art),

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