Dr. Leonard Ray
CV: Publications
Refereed Publications
  • 2007   and Gregory Johnston “Mainstream Euroskepticism, Trend or Oxymoron”   Acta Politica 42: 153-172.
  • 2007   Leonard Ray and Gregory Johnston “European Anti-Americanism and Choices for a European Defense Policy”   PS Political Science and Politics (January 2007) 40:1 85-91.
  • 2007   Leonard Ray. “Validity of measured party positions on European integration: Assumptions, approaches, and a comparison of alternative measures.”   Electoral Studies. 26(2007) 11-22.
  • 2006   Guillermo Owen, Ines Linder, Scott Feld, Bernard Grofman, and Leonard Ray. “A Simple ‘Market Value’ bargaining model for weighted voting games: Characterization and limit theorem.”  International Journal of Game Theory, 35:111-128.
  • 2006   Ray, Leonard.  “Validity of measured party positions on European integration: Assumptions, approaches, and a comparison of alternative measures.” Electoral Studies, 26: 11-22.
  • 2005   Rorie Spill and Leonard Ray. “Capacity, Attitudes, and Case Attributes: The Differential Success of the States before the United States Courts of Appeal.”  State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 5(2)147-167.
  • 2005   Johnston, Gregory, Leonard Ray, Scott Feld, and Bernard Grofman.  “The Impacts of Voting Rules on Acceding EU Member States”  Rivista Di Politica Economica, (July-August):105-102.
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  • 2003   Ray, Leonard. "Reconsidering the Link between Incumbent Support and Pro-EU Opinion," European Union Politics, 4(3):259-279.
  • 2003   Ray, Leonard. "When Parties Matter: The Conditional Influence of Party Positions on Voter Opinions about European Integration" Journal of Politics, 65(4): 978-94
  • 2002   Bratton, Kathleen and Leonard Ray. "Descriptive Representation, Policy Outcomes, and Municipal Day-Care Coverage in Norway." American Journal of Political Science, 46: 428-437.
  • 2002   Ray, Leonard and Rorie Spill. "The States in Federal Appellate Court: Litigation Trends Over Time." Justice System Journal, 23: 97-108.
  • 2002   Gary Marks, and Carole Wilson, and Leonard Ray. "National political parties and European Integration." American Journal of Political Science, 46: 585-594.
  • 2001   Rorie Spill, Michael Licari, and Leonard Ray. "Taking on Tobacco: Policy Entrepreneurship and the Tobacco Litigation" Political Research Quarterly, 54:605-622,
  • 2000   Ray, Leonard and Hanne Marthe Narud. "Mapping the Norwegian Political Space: Results from an Expert Survey," Party Politics, 6(2):225-239.
  • 1999   Ray, Leonard. "Conversion, Acquiescence, or Delusion: The Contingent Nature of the Party-Voter Link" Political Behavior, Vol 21, No4.
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  • 1998   Ray, Leonard. "Why We Give: Testing Economic and Social-Psychological Accounts of Altruism." Polity, 30:383-415.
  • 1996   Marks, Gary, Francois Nielsen, Leonard Ray and Jane Salk. "Competencies Cracks and Conflicts: Regional Mobilization in the European Union." Comparative Political Studies, 29: 164-192.
Book Chapters
  • 2007 Leonard Ray. “Political Communication, Political Socialization, and Public Opinion ” in Handbook of European Union Politics.  Knud Erik Jørgensen, Mark Pollack, and Ben Rosamond eds.  Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

  • 2004 Leonard Ray. "Don't Rock the Boat: Expectations, Fears, and Opposition to EU Level Policymaking" in European Integration and Political Conflict, Gary Marks and Marco Steenbergen eds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2001 Leonard Ray. "A Natural Sentences Approach to the Computer Coding of Party Manifestos" in Estimating the Policy Positions of Political Actors Michael Laver ed., New York: Routledge.
  • 1999 Stephens, John, Evelyn Huber, and Leonard Ray. "The Welfare State in Hard Times." In Continuity and Change in Contemporary Capitalism, eds. Peter Lange, Herbert Kitchelt, Gary Marks and John Stephens. Cambridge University Press.
Other Publications
  • 2009 Book review of Controlling Governments: Voters, Institutions, and Accountability Edited by José María Maravall and Ignatio Sánchez-Cuenca and Party Competition between Unequals: Strategies and Electoral Fortunes in Western Europe By Bonnie Meguid. In Perspectives on Politics, Volume 7, Issue 02, June 2009, pp 430-432
  • 1999 Book Review of Matthew Gabel Interests and Integration: Market Liberalization, Public Opinion, and European Union. APSR December 1999.
  • 1999 Spill, Rorie and Leonard Ray, "Updating Phase II of the Supreme Court Judicial Database," Law and Courts Newsletter Volume 9, No 2.