PLSC 485b Reading Guide for Week 3

Reading Guide: Ball and Dagger, Chapter 4

Note that in this course, "conservative" will be have the European, rather than the American meaning. How does the American use of the term "conservative" generally differ from the European use of the same word? What do these different types of "conservative" nonetheless have in common? Does the Religious Right appear to be closer to the American or European meaning of "conservative?"



Di Scalia and Mastellone Chapter 3

What was Hegel's view of feudalism, and the revolutions which ended feudalism in Europe? Does that view seem "conservative?" What was Hegel's view on the establishment of constitutions? Does that view seem "conservative?"



De Maistre

How are De Maistre's views on constitution writing similar to those of Hegel? What would Hegel and De Maistre thought of the American Constitutional Convention of 1789 and the resulting constitution? What does De Maistre regard as the natural form of government, and why?




Does Bodin consider an elective monarch to be truly "sovereign?" Why? What is the relationship between a sovereign monarch and the law? Could a monarch be considered "sovereign" if his power were restricted by a constitution?