PLSC 485b Group Paper #1 Due March 3

Instructions for Drafting a Declaration and Defense of Rights.



The format of your Declaration of Rights can be taken from the declarations of rights on reserve; that is, it should be a list of brief articles. Each article should be reasonably coherent focussing on only one right. Resist the temptation to make articles into incoherent laundry lists of rights. Your declaration of rights must be concise- You are limited to one page, 12 point font.

No declaration of rights is ever fully self-explanatory. The Defense of Rights is an essay that describes the content of each article, and explains why this right is so important or fundamental that it should be included in a declaration of rights. (Imagine that a referendum will be held, and that you need to convince people that your declaration should be approved.). Your Defense should also defend any omissions. You should explain why any rights that were not included in your Declaration were deemed to be less important or fundamental. There is no strict page length for the Defense, but six or seven pages is a good ballpark figure. With a short declaration of rights, you will spend less time explaining your articles, and more time justifying omissions. Conversely, there are fewer omissions in a long bill of rights, but more articles to explain.