A Bill to Give Exemptions and/or Tax Breaks to Individuals Who Use Petrol Fuel

1	Article 1:	As required as a member of the Kyoto Protocol the United 
2			Kingdom's current petrol tax represents a procedure to reduce 
3			greenhouse gases.
4	Article 2:	Individuals who make an effort to purchase and use fuel efficient 
5			vehicles will receive tax breaks and or exemptions.
6	Article 3:	We will extend the use of the petrol tax to the aviation industry, 
7			which is currently immune to the tax, and one of the largest 
8			contributors to pollution in the United Kingdom.
9	Article 4:	The aviation industry will be held to the same standard as all 
10			citizens.
11	Article 5:	The aviation industry will have to pay a petrol tax and should be 
12			encouraged and use more efficient fuels and planes.
13	Article 6:	This piece of legislation will go into effect on the same day as the 
14			next election cycle, May 5, 2004.

								Respectfully Submitted,
								Ministry of Finance