A Bill to put an end to Means-Testing

1	Article 1:	Since 66% of pensioners' lives in poverty, means testing is hereby 
3			abolished from the United Kingdom.
3	Article 2:	The concept of means testing has not worked well for the citizens 
4			of the United Kingdom.
5	Article 3:	This government will restore the link between pensions and 
6			average earnings.
7	Article 3:	This government will set up a local authority to inform many 
8			pensioners who may normally not be aware of their options due to 
9			the complex nature of means-testing, in order to allow pensioners 
10			to get as much in benefits as they are allowed.
11	Article 4:	This local authority will be referred to as the Citizens Advice 
12			Bureau.
13	Article 5:	This bill will go into effect on the first day of the new upcoming 
14			fiscal year.
15	Article 6:	All bills in conflict with this piece of legislation are hereby 
16			considered null and void.
Respectfully Submitted,
The Office of the Prime Minister