A Bill to create an Immigration and Asylum Commission Regarding Entrance into the United Kingdom

1	Article 1:	The United Kingdom will allow all persons who currently reside 
2			within member countries of the European Union and desire to 
3			immigrate into the United Kingdom free passage.
4	Article 2:	The United Kingdom will form an independent commission to 
5			oversee all citizens seeking immigration and asylum.  This 
6			commission is hereby referred to as the Immigration and Asylum 
7			Commission, or the I.A.C.
8	Article 3:	The I.A.C. will determine eligibility for all those seeking asylum 
9			into the United Kingdom, as well as those who wish to immigrate 
10			from non - European Union member states.
11	Article 4:	The funding for the I.A.C. will be a branch of and funded through 
12			the Ministry of Home Affairs.
13	Article 5:	The I.A.C. will consist of people from all social, ethnic, and 
14			political backgrounds to ensure that no bias is brought up against 
15			those seeking asylum.
16	Article 6:	This bill will go into effect at the beginning of the next election 
17			cycle, May 5, 2005.
18	Article 7:	All others pieces of legislation in conflict with this bill are hereby 
19			considered null and void.
								Respectfully Submitted,
							           The Ministry of Home Affairs