A Bill to Promote Equality for ALL Citizens of the United Kingdom

1	Article 1:	All couples whether heterosexual or homosexual will be 
2			recognized by the government.
3	Article 2:	Heterosexuals and homosexuals will be granted the same rights to 
4			prevent discrimination.
5	Article 3:	In order to receive the same rights as heterosexuals, homosexuals 
6			of the United Kingdom will be granted rights to Civil Unions.
7	Article 4:	This government will enact a five (5) year plan which will begin 	
8			with allowing Civil Unions to Gays and Lesbian couples.
9	Article 5:	The five (5) year plan is a transition phase that will lead to the full 
10			rights of marriage for homosexual couples, and also to allow all 
11			parties affected by this new legislation time to change their policies 
12			to cooperate with this bill.
13	Article 6:	This bill will go into effect on the date passed.
14	Article 7:	All other pieces of legislation in conflict with this bill are hereby 
15			declared null and void.

								Respectfully Submitted,
							The Office of the Lord Chancellor