How to write a CV in HTML

Graduate students posting their CV's online should become familiar with basic HTML code. This will permit you to write your CV from scratch in HTML, or to debug the HTML version you get out of an HTML translator such as Microsoft Word.

I have posted an abbreviated version of my CV in HTML format. View this sample vita to get an idea of what formatting techniques are available. Use the "View Page Source" function on your browser to see the HTML code that produced this sample vita. The annotated sample page presents a section by section explanation of the HTML code. The glossary is a tag by tag presentation of the basic text markup tags. There is also a list of the escape sequences used to display nonstandard characters.

A word about tags:
HTML tags are the little commands enclosed in angle brackets <TAG>. Tags tell your browser how to display the text on a webpage. Most tags require an opening tag and a closing tag to prevent the formatting from being applied to the entire document. Closing tags are simply the opening tag with a slash "/" following the first angle bracket.
Opening Tag = <TAG>
Closing Tag = </TAG>
To Learn More HTML:
There are a zillion online guides to HTML. A good starter for beginners is the W3schools tutorial.
Good luck, and have fun!