Absolute Links

An absolute link gives the entire web address (URL) of the page to load when the link is clicked.

For example, the absolute link to this page is
<A HREF="http://www.lsu.edu/faculty/lray2/html/absolute.html"> </A>. This tells the browser what communication method to use, which domain to look up, which organization to contact, which computer to connect to, which directory to look in, and which file to get. Absolute links are the only way to link to files which are not on the same computer your webpage is stored on.

Anatomy of an absolute link:
<A HREF="http://www.lsu.edu/faculty/lray2/html/absolute.html">

Communication type (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
name of the specific computer at LSU
name of the organization
domain for educational institutions
directory with faculty member's pages
subdirectory for my own pages
subdirectory for my HTML tutorial
filename for this file