Cadences --Exercises and Sources


1. Mozart, Piano Sonata in B-flat, K. 333, 2nd movement, mm. 1-8. (2 cadences) The structure of this melody is that of a parallel period. Can you discover the properties of a parallel period? What makes it "parallel," and what are the defining characteristics of a "period"?

2. Mozart, Piano Sonata in B-flat, K. 333, 1st movement, mm. 1-10. Here a series of lesser cadences precede the arrival of a relatively final one.

3. Same movement, mm. 23-38. This theme consists of four phrases. Phrases 1 and 3 correspond to each other, as do phrases 2 and 4. Such a theme is called a double period. Find and label all four cadences.

Sources for Further Study

Robert Gauldin, Harmonic Practice in Tonal Music (1st edition), pp. 36, 101, 102, 149, 200, 243, 245, etc.

Douglass M. Green, Form in Tonal Music: An Introduction to Analysis (2nd edition), Ch. 2.