Lab News:

May 2015

Congratulations to Trent for graduating college with a bachelor's in biochemistry.

August 2014

Our newest lab member, Meredith McDonald was awarded the LSU-HHMI Scientist Program for the summer of 2014. She finished her summer research program by presenting a poster of her research titled: "Development of Methodology for Improved Recovery of Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) from Degraded DNA"


May 2014

Congratulations to Dieu Doan, Kirstie Watkins, and Sarah Beth Theriot for graduating LSU each with a bachelors of science. All of you will be missed!


March 2014

Congratulations to Sarah Beth Theriot for successfully defending her thesis titled: Assessment of the human pathogen Vibrio vulnificus in the Eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica harvested from an estuary of different salnities with subsequent depuration treatment.

February 2014

Congratulations to Dieu Doan who defended her thesis titled: Directed evolution of desiccation tolerance in Escherichia coli

August 2013

Sarah Beth and Dieu participated in the HHMI poster session.

July 2013

Kelley and Sarah Beth went sampling for oysters in the Hackberry Bay and Grand Isle!

March 2013

Congratulations to Kathir for successfully defending his thesis titled: Studying Mechanisms of Ionizing Radiation Resistance in Bacteria:  Potential Evidence for Multiple Pathways.

Also congratulations to Sarah Beth Theriot and Dieu Doan for being accepted into the LSU-HHMI Campus program for summer of 2013.

December 2012

The Battista lab at our annual Christmas lunch


November 2012

Kelley G. Núñez presented a poster on her research with 'Selective Capture' at the 14th Annual Biograds Symposium. Kathir Selvam was chosen as a speaker to talk about his research at the 14th Annual Biograds Symposium.

September 2012

Kelley G. Núñez presented a poster for her work with Selective Capture in determing the relative abundances of a mock community and detecting methanogenic archaea in DNA extracted from Taylor Glacier.

April 2012

Kathir Selvam presented a poster on his research on characterizing the mechanisms for ionizing radiation resistance through direct evolution at American Society for Microbiology's 112th General Meeting in San Francisco.

November 2011

Congratulations to Kathir Selvam on the birth of his baby girl!!

May 2011

Congratulations to Kathir Selvam for presenting a presentation on his work involving direct evolution of an E. coli population at ASM's general meeting in New Orleans. Also, congratulations to Kelley Gwin for presenting her poster on her research at American Society for Microbiology's 111th General Meeting in New Orleans.