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Welcome to the Galvez Lab

Ben Dubansky, Christine Savolainen, Matthew Truax, Brian Whitaker, Ying Guan, Shujun Zhang
Yanling Meng, Charlotte Bodinier, Arianna Rivera, Fernando Galvez

Welcome to the Galvez Comparative Physiology Laboratory!

Research activities in the Galvez laboratory are centered around studies on comparative physiology and aquatic toxicology of fish. My early research investigating the influence of environmental chemistry on metal transport in fish has led to more recent work on assessing the plasticity of fish epithelia to salinity stress, ectoparasitic infection, and exposure to toxicants such as metals and hydrocarbons. My research group utilizes an integrative and comparative approach to study the transport of ions, metabolic wastes, and acid-base equivalents across fish epithelia during environmental and physiological perturbations.

The current research projects in the lab are associated with the:

I.    Comparative physiology of osmotic stress tolerance
II.    Remodeling of transporting epithelial to environmental and physiological stress
III.   Fish gill remodeling during ectoparasitic infection
IV.  Physiological responses of fish to environmental toxicants



April 18, 2013: Congratulations to Benjamin Dubansky for successfully obtaining his Ph.D. Ben will be moving to the University of North Texas to start a postdoctoral position in Warren Burggren’s lab in the Developmental Integrative Biology Cluster.

Congratulations to Charles Brown on his 2nd Place Best Student Poster, titled "Developmental Impacts of Macondo-252 crude and Corexit-9500 on the embryogenesis of the Gulf killifish, Fundulus grandis." The poster was presented at the 3rd Annual Deepwater Horizon Conference on April 22, 2013. Baton Rouge, LA.

April 2013: Congratulations to Mr. Walter Guillory who was selected as an American Physiological Society- Integrative & Organismal Physiology (IOSP) Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow for 2013. Walter will use this fellowship to conduct research in my lab on the osmotic stress tolerance in killifish.

February 2013: Congratulations to Sydney Hebert for receiving funding through the Louisiana Sea Grant Undergraduate Opportunities Program for 2013. Sydney will be working in my lab on a project titled, “Effects of Oil and oil dispersants on the embryonic development of
the Gulf killifish (Fundulus grandis)”

January 2013: Fernando Galvez was recently awarded a Visiting Scientist Fellowship to conduct research this summer at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Salisbury Cove, Maine.

The laboratory was recently awarded a federal grant through the National Institute of Environmental Health: RFA-ES-11-013 "Oceans, Great Lakes and Human Health (R01)" and National Science Foundation (Ocean Sciences), entitled, Collaborative research: Mechanisms of Reproductive, Developmental, and Early Life Stage Impacts of Marine Oil Spills in a Vertebrate Sentinel Model.

April 2012: We recently received a grant through NSF EPSCor/ Supervised Undergraduate Research Experience to fund Mr. Walter Guillory to study osmotic stress responses in euryhaline fishes.

Congratulations to Yanling Meng on her LSU McDaniel Travel Award to present at Experimental Biology Meeting on April 21-25, 2012. San Diego Convention Center.

February 2012: Congratulations to Casey Elkins for receiving funding through the Louisiana Sea Grant Undergraduate Opportunities Program for 2012. Casey will be working in my lab on a project titled, “Stress response in spawning male Fundulus grandis exposed to Macondo 252 crude oil.”



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Much appreciation for additional technical assistance to Renee Christner, ITS Assistance, Dept. of Biological Sciences

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