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Preconcert Talks

LSU Symphony

  • Music of Mara Gibson, Nino Rota, and Richard Strauss (October 10, 2017) [YouTube]
  • Year of “Women in Music,” featuring Cécile Chaminade’s Concertino for Flute (September 20, 2017). [YouTube]


Collegium Musicum (Louisiana State University, 2015–present)

Collegium Musicum - Flyer

An ensemble specializing in historically informed methods of performance, focusing on music from the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. Co-director with Roxana Pavel.

[Fall 2018 program]

[Fall 2017 program]

[Fall 2016 program]

[Spring 2016 program]

[Fall 2015 program]

"Paul Wittgenstein's Performance Practice: Reflections on His One-Hand Arrangements"

  • Symposium on Music and Disability Studies (CUNY Graduate Center, 2013), with pianist Inessa Bazayev
  • "Performing Music, Performing Disability," a special session at the American Musicological Society Annual Meeting (New Orleans, 2012), with pianist Jamie Gurt
Music/Dis/Ability: Concert Flyer

This lecture–recital is based on conversations about one-hand piano technique with Jamie Gurt, a master's student in piano performance at LSU.

In addition to commissioning a substantial repertoire of left-hand piano music, Paul Wittgenstein also prepared numerous arrangements, many unpublished. Wittgenstein conducted these arrangements in pencil on sheet music of the original two-hand compositions, and his notational system (with markings that delete, move, refinger, and tie notes) is rigorous enough to permit the preparation of performance editions. These arrangements provide remarkable evidence for Paul Wittgenstein’s sophisticated performance technique, his creativity as a problem solver, and his musical expressivity; further, they exemplify essential features of one-handed performance—including how piano music for one hand can offer technical insight to its performers and how the repertoire might use its negotiation of disability as an additional dimension in musical expression. 

Music for Silents: Flim Scores and Improvisations (Louisiana State University, 2011)

Music for Silents: Concert Flyer

Emerging from the Introduction to Film Music seminar, this concert included live music synchronized to projected film, including (1) performances of Erik Satie's score for Entr'acte and Camille Saint-Saëns's score for L'Assassinat du Duc de Guise (with my newly edited version of the film fragments, timed to allow for the complete performance of Saint-Saëns's first, fourth, and fifth movements); (2) student performances of originally compiled scores for two short films from the Edison Studios; and (3) an improvisation for Starevich's The Cameraman's Revenge by the Incense Merchants .


Organized Conferences

Second Biennial Music Colloquium at Louisiana State University (2013)

LSU Music Colloquium - Flyer

Co-chair, with Robert Peck

The musicology and music theory programs at LSU hosted our Second Biennial Music Colloquium (held in the "off years" of Loyola University's biennial colloquium), with presentations by professional scholars and graduate students from around the country.


Symposium on Music and Disability Studies (CUNY Graduate Center, 2010)

Co-chair, with Joseph N. Straus and Stephanie Jensen-Moulton 

CUNY Graduate Students in Music (GSiM), 12th Annual Symposium (CUNY Graduate Center, 2009)

Chair. The symposium was organized around a seminar and paper workshop moderated by Leo Treitler on the theme, "Representing Music—or—Music Representing."

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