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Forensic Anthropology and
Computer Enhancement Services

Department of Geography & Anthropology
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About the FACES Laboratory Staff

The LSU Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services (FACES) Laboratory provides forensic anthropology and forensic imaging services to agencies within Louisiana. The Department of Geography & Anthropology had been offering forensic anthropology services since the late 1970's, however a formal laboratory was not created until the 1990's. Our founder, Mary Manhein, established the FACES Lab in cooperation with Louisiana State University and the State of Louisiana in order to offer expanded services to Law Enforcement and Coroners. We now employ five full-time staff, two to four graduate assistants, and several undergraduate student workers. For a full list of the services we offer, visit our Services page.

Ginesse Listi
Ginesse A. Listi, PhD, D-ABFA

Director / Assistant Research Professor

 PhD, Tulane University (2008); MA/BA, LSU (1997/1994)
  Forensic Anthropology, Biological Profile Analysis, Paleopathology, Bioarchaeology

Telephone: 225/578-3906

Teresa Wilson
Teresa V. Wilson, PhD
Assistant Director / Assistant Research Professor

  PhD, University of Arkansas (2014); MA, LSU (2009); BA, Northern Arizona University (2007)
  Forensic Identification, Forensic DNA, Dental Anthropology, 3D Technologies, Bioarchaeology

Telephone: 225/578-4761

Maria Allaire
Maria Allaire, MA

Repository Assistant / Research Associate

  MA, LSU (2002); BA, Fort Lewis College (1997)
  Forensic Identification, Forensic Taphonomy, Trauma Analysis, Bioarchaeology

Telephone: 225/578-4775


Larry Livaudais
Larry Livaudais, MFA

Imaging Specialist / Research Associate

  MFA, University of Florida (1996); BA, University of Louisiana, Lafayette (1986)
  Facial Approximation, Forensic Art and Illustration, Digital Sculpture, 3D Scanning and Printing

Telephone: 225/578-3750

Emily Wiegers
Emily F. Wiegers, MA

Laboratory Assistant / Research Associate

  MA, LSU (2017); BA, Queens College, City University of New York (2011)
  Human Variation, Forensic Identification, Forensic Discourse, Bioarchaeology

Telephone: 225/578-7864