Debate Team and Entomology Games Teams

The Entomology Society of America (ESA) has graduate student competitions in the form of the Entomology Games (insect trivia) and Student Debate (Entomology/Science Trend Topics). LSU is fortunate to have a very active Entomology Games team and debate team. Blake Wilson is the current coach of both the Entomology Games and Student Debate teams. LSU Entomology students compete annually in the two ESA events, and perform well in these efforts. The LSU Entomology department has a dedicated group of students that want to excel and make themselves all they can be, and through their hard work have received numerous awards over the years. Participants in both events improve their entomology knowledge while having fun during preparation.

Receive Course Credit

Students interested in joining either the Student Debate team (Fall Semester, 2 hrs) or Entomology Games team (Fall Semester, 1 hr) should contact Blake Wilson for more information.


Congratulations to the 2018 LSU debate team for winning their topic at the ESA annual meeting in Vancouver and to the 2019 LSU debate team for winning 1st place overall in the entire ESA competition in St. Louis, MO.