Master’s Degree

  1. Appointment of Major Professor
    • When:  Before or during the first semester
    • Initiate through:  Department Head
  2. Nomination of Advisory Committee (at least 3 members)
    • When:  By the end of 6 months
    • Initiate through:  Major Professor
  3. Formulation of Plan of Study and Thesis Research (see Appendix B).  Meet with Advisory Committee to discuss proposal and course work. Put a copy in your file in the Academic Assistant’s office.
    • When:  By the end of 6 months
    • Initiate through:  Major Professor
    • Approval by:  Advisory Committee
  4. Submit Application for Master’s Degree form and Diploma Page to Graduate School.
    • When:  Semester of Graduation. Consult Graduate Calendar for deadlines.
    • Initiate through:  Major Professor
    • Approval by:  Major Professor, Department Head/Grad Advisor, Dean of Graduate School
  5. Schedule Master’s Defense
    • When:  At least three weeks before examination date.  Consult graduate calendar for deadline.
    • Initiate through:  Major Professor using Graduate School Form Request for Master’s Examination.  Give each committee member and Academic Assistant a copy.
    • Approval by:  Advisory Committee, Department Head/Grad Advisor, and Dean, Grad School
  6. Submit thesis to Advisory Committee
    • When:  At least two weeks before the Master’s Defense.
  7. Submit Approved Master’s Examination and Thesis Report (prepared and sent over by the Graduate School after you filed your Request for Master’s Examination) and Thesis Release Form permitting Graduate School to photocopy your thesis on request.
    • Approval by:  Advisory Committee, Dean of the Graduate School
  8. Submission of electronic thesis to Graduate School.
    • When:  See Graduate School calendar for deadline