Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is the highest degree offered by universities.  It is conferred only for work of distinction in which the student displays decided powers of original scholarship and only in recognition of marked ability and achievement. The basic requirements are: 1) a student must exhibit unmistakable evidence of mastery of a broad major field (evidenced by passing the general exam); and 2) a student must prove ability to complete a significant program of original research by preparing a dissertation embodying creative scholarship and by passing a rigorous final examination.  The dissertation must add to the sum of existing knowledge and give evidence of considerable literary skill.

The requirements for the Ph.D. in Entomology are described fully in the Graduate Handbook, which can be found on this site.  Briefly, a student in the Ph.D. program must 1) establish an advisory committee consisting of the Major Advisor and at least three members of the LSU Graduate Faculty (at least two from the Entomology Department); 2) satisfy coursework and credit hour requirements; 3) prepare a dissertation research proposal and present a public introductory seminar; 4) pass an oral General Exam accompanied by a second public seminar; 5) fulfill a teaching requirement by taking ENTM 7010 (Teaching Practicum); 6) write a dissertation, and 7) defend the dissertation and pass a final examination (accompanied by an exit seminar).


Application for admission is through the LSU Graduate School.

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