Guide for Theses and Dissertation Research Proposal and Plan of Study

Department of Entomology, Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Title: A brief, clear, specific designation of the subject of the research.  The title, used by itself, should give a good indication of the project.

Objectives: A clear, complete, and logically arranged statement of specific objectives of the project.  If several objectives are proposed, they must be closely related.  List them as 1, 2, 3, etc.

Justification: Should present the importance of the problem.

Previous Work and Present Outlook: A brief summary covering pertinent previous research on the problem, citing important and recent publications from other research institutions, as well as your own institution, the status of current research, and additional information needed, to which the project is expected to contribute.  This review will help to determine work already accomplished.

Procedure: A statement of essential work plans and methods to be used to attain each of the stated objectives.  The procedure should correspond with objectives, and follow the same order.  Phases of the work to be undertaken should be designated.  The location of work and facilities and equipment needed and available should be indicated.  Wherever appropriate, procedures should provide data suitable for statistical analysis and design of the experiments should be indicated.

Probable Duration: An estimate of the maximum time likely to be required to complete research and publish results.

Institutional Units Involved: List each unit of the institutions contributing essential services or facilities.  Responsibilities of each should be indicated.

Literature Cited: List important and recent publications involving this field of work.