PERTT Lab Features

Technical Facilities

  • 15,000 gallon (357-bbl.) capacity water circulating system
  • High-pressure remotely controlled choke manifold system, which includes five chokes of various manufacturers, and a process control system
  • Two triplex pumps capable of 250 GPM and 500 GPM up to 5000 psi
  • Gas flows up to 10,000SCFM at 5000 psi
  • 2,787-ft. model well for production or drilling circulation 
  • 5,884-ft. model well for bottom supported drilling operations
  • 5,000-ft. horizontal completions pipe flow loop (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
  • 100-ft. derrick with 100-ft 12" vertical pipe
  • Multiphase flow loop capable of 1.5MMSCFD of gas and 200 GPM water
  • PASON Rig Display and Driller's Station, Full WITS recording of instruments 
  • Two classrooms and a computer simulator classroom

Keller Classroom Building

  • Classroom has 2 projectors, 2 flat screens, 2 Da-Lite projector screens, digital media presentation system and seats 50
  • Computer lab has 10 computer stations, Eno projector, 4 flat screens, and a digital presenter


Drawings Folder

Design Basis Calculations and Forms

LSU PERTT Design Basis Calculations and Forms