SPE Students Attend NASS Conference

Students at NASS Conference

Twenty-one SPE students travelled to the University of California to attend the North America Student Symposium earlier this month.  The symposium, which began on Sunday, February 9 and continued until Tuesday, February 11, is an annual student conference organized by SPE International Students across North America. The event is an opportunity for the students to enhance their knowledge of the oil and gas industry and take advantage of the networking opportunities.  The PetroBowl North America Regional Qualifier event started on Sunday.  Our LSU Petrobowl team, sponsored by SafeKick, automatically qualified for SPE ATCE, which will be held in October in Denver.  However, they were able to compete on Sunday, and they placed 6th against the 20 university teams that participated.

Additional events associated with the symposium included a field trip to THUMS, which is a drilling and production site in the East Wilmington Oilfield; multiple networking luncheons; technical presentations on oil field digital transformation, environmental issues and decarbonization; and workshops focusing on leadership and resume tips.  The students found the conference very productive and all returned safely to LSU after the symposium finished.  The trip was financed via donations and fundraising events that SPE held.  The student organization would like to thank all their donors for the support.