A Novel Idea Gains Publicity

Stephen SearsFormer Department Chairman Dr. Stephen O. Sears continues to be spotlighted in the news for his novel entitled "Sunniland".  On Thursday, October 24, Dr. Sears visited LSU campus and discussed his inspiration for and the real events that took place in writing the work of fiction.  After the presentation, Dr. Sears signed copies of his book and enjoyed a cheese and wine reception with visitors, former colleagues and students who attended the presentation. Read the College of Engineering's spotlight featuring Dr. Stephen Sears' "Sunniland" novel presentation.

On Saturday, October 26, he returned to campus and was available at the LSU Barnes and Noble Bookstore for a book signing before the LSU football game.

In mid-November, he enjoyed a week-long boating trip around southern Florida with a long-time friend.  During their journey, Dr. Sears stopped off at Fort Myers for a radio interview with the host of Gulf Coast Live for a show on WGCU radio.  He discusses the first oil discovery in south Florida during World War II.

Dr. Sears was Department Chairman from 2005-2011.