Total Professor Associates Program at LSU

total and officers

Pi Epsilon Tau (PET), in conjunction with SPE and AADE, have partnered with TOTAL to take part in the Total Professor Associates Program, a program where industry professionals from TOTAL travel to universities across the globe to certified courses on petroleum engineering topics.  The five day course, which took place from Sept 10-14, was on the topic of "Mid to Deep Offshore Drilling Techniques and Operations".  Former CEO of TOTAL Qatar Phillipe Guys presented the material each day for a couple of hours in the late afternoon.  On Friday, each of the participants received a certificate of completion.  Mr. Guys, a former CEO and Managing Director at TOTAL, was initially contacted by Dr. Mauricio Almeida, Professional in Residence, and Mr. Daniel Braga regarding the course.  It was a great collaboration between PET, the Petroleum Engineering Honor Society, and the other student organizations.