2018 PetE Alumni and Friends Tailgate

faculty and staff tailgate

The Craft & Hawkins Dept of Petroleum Engineering hosted another successful tailgate for our alumni and friends prior to the Miss St vs LSU kickoff on Saturday, October 20.  The tailgate, which began at 12:30p, took place on the 2nd floor West Terrace of Patrick F Taylor Hall and boasted views of Tiger Stadium and the clock tower.  Alumni in attendance spanned across 51 years, with graduates ranging from 1967 until this Spring 2018.

Faculty and staff hosts included (from left to right): Richard Hughes, Mauricio Almeida, Fred Thurber, Andi Donmyer, Otto Santos, Karsten Thompson, and Ipsita Gupta.  Hosts not available at the time for pictures included: Janet Dugas, Babak Akbari, Paulo Waltrich, and "Kam" Von Holt.

Additional pictures during the event can be found at: https://www.flickr.com/gp/143147429@N03/Zp40G8.