LSU College of Engineering Launches "IAmAnLSUEngineer" Campaign


“LSU Engineers are engineers, construction managers, and computer scientists. They are skilled communicators and hands-on problem solvers. They make both great leaders and teammates. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen understanding of national and global issues. LSU Engineers are determined to succeed and are prepared to become future industry leaders.”

The LSU College of Engineering plans to further highlight the attributes of the LSU Engineer through a targeted social media engagement effort called #IAmAnLSUEngineer. Students and alumni of the College are known for their communication skills, problem-solving abilities and leadership qualities—to name a few—and this new effort celebrates that.

“We decided to launch this campaign along with the College’s new Five-Year Strategic Plan, as it ties in well with our goals to improve engagement with our constituents,” said Laura Odenwald, assistant manager of digital marketing.

Students and alumni are encouraged to get involved by sharing their stories and experiences on social media using the #IAmAnLSUEngineer hashtag. In addition to sharing these posts on social media, the College will spotlight students and alumni that represent today’s LSU Engineer through web features, videos and social media.

Many of our current and former students wholly embody the characteristics of an LSU Engineer and have already been featured on our website.

For example, mechanical engineering senior Tommy LeBeau represents the determination and hard work that goes into being an LSU Engineer. Throughout his final year, he was a team player on his senior design team and on the football field.

Leslie Morgan, a computer science sophomore and another great example of the LSU Engineer, is developing her first start-up and is one of only a handful of women currently on the LSU TigerRacing Formula SAE team.

Petroleum engineering alumnus Brian Stewart personifies the entrepreneurial spirit and problem solving skills of the LSU Engineer. He developed the first fully-mobile, fully-electric, hydraulic fracturing unit that allows for less pollution and a smaller physical footprint on the environment.  

“The best way to enhance the brand of the College is through our students and alumni, and that’s what this campaign is all about—sharing the pride and accomplishments of the people who represent our College,” Odenwald said.

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