Annual Industry Panel Discussion & Mock Interview Program Sign up


The limited number of Mock Interview appointments are taken.  However the Annual Industry Panel Discussion is available to all Petroleum Engineering Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students.

On Tuesday, September 8th at 7pm the department will hold its Annual Industry Panel Discussion to help prepare petroleum-engineering students, who want a summer internship or a full-time job upon graduation, for the upcoming interview season (September, October, & November). No appointment needed.

In addition to learning about the interview process, the Annual Industry Panel Discussion is a great way to network with recruiters. This year industry representative will participate in the Annual Industry Panel Discussion and the Annual Mock Interview Program from the following companies:

Chevron, Shell, Conoco Phillips, BakerHughes, and other companies

On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, the department will hold its Annual Mock Interview Program in Career Services for students who made an appointment.  Mock Interviews are practice; as such, students do not need to dress up for the interview. Whatever you wear to school is fine to wear for your mock interview.