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The Spend Authorization must be completed and routed for approval prior to travel by university employees including graduate and undergraduate student workers. Instructions are on the Workday Employee webpage.  Spend Authorizations are returned if you do not follow the instructions.  You are not covered by LSU insurance if your Spend Authorization is not approved by your supervisor before your travel.  Or if you haven't completed the annual Authorization and Driving History Form (da2054) and the Defensive Driving course every 3 years.

An AS292-a: Employee Spend Authorization Attachment is only required for the following 3 reasons:

  1. Personal Travel
  2. Foreign Travel
  3. Travel Greater than 30 days

State Contract Rates for meals and lodging are listed in the Travel Orientation Brochure. For in-state travel, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the state Contract vendor and use is mandatory. For out-of-state travel, Enterprise, Hertz and National are the state contract vendors and use is mandatory. It is at the traveler's discretion which rental company is utilized. Please refer to the Travel website for in-state and out-of-state contract rates and the corporate discount numbers. The corporate discount number must be used to obtain the contract rates and get LSU insurance.  University guests are not required to use a state contract car rental vendor, but are encouraged to do so since the contract includes CDW and liability insurance.

Expense Reports should be created per business trip and reflect all travel expenses regardless if personal funds or LaCarte card was used.  You must link your Spend Authorization to the Expense Report.  Your Spend Authorization will only show in the drop down box if it has been approved by Travel.  If the Spend Authorization is not available you will have to correct any problems before you can complete your Expense Report. Instructions on how to correctly fill out the Expense Report is available on the Workday Employee webpage.   

 Workday no longer requires that lodging be itemized unless:

  • Expense needs to be charged to multiple accounts.
  • Lodging cost include other expenses (i.e. internet, Parking or Room Service, etc)
  • Portion of the expense is considered personal. See Disallowed Expenses Job Aid for more information.

 Please visit the Travel website for BR Airport Parking Certificate, New Orleans Airport Park n'Fly booking, and High Risk Travel.

Driving forms

  • Defensive Driving Course - Any employee, full or part-time, that drives a University vehicle must complete the online driver safety class every 3 years. Please note: Students that are not employed by the University are not authorized to operate University owned or rented vehicles.
  • DA2054 - Authorization and Driving History Form - Complete every year
  • Student Accident and Travel Insurance


Vendor Enrollment form - sign up for Foundation reimbursement