LSU ECE Professor Wu Receives Best Paper Award

December 3, 2018

Hsiao-Chun Wu HeadshotBATON ROUGE, LA – The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Globecom2018 Conference recently awarded LSU Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Hsiao-Chun Wu the Best Paper Award for his work in telecommunications.

The paper, titled “Novel Evolutional Coding Technique Using Edge-Updated Graphs,” explores a new idea that enables an innovative coding method to combat the drawbacks of current electronic mapping devices.

“The instantaneous mapping technology is in high demand for the modern world,” Wu said. “The conventional Global Positioning System (GPS)-based mapping technology, such as Google Map, is limited by the pre-stored map database, which requires frequent updates and cannot serve for the real-time, situation-aware, environmental-charting in traffic control, military maneuver, and navigation. With my proposed technology, the real-time dynamic map changes can be easily reflected on cellular phones and other wireless communication devices.”

The IEEE Globecom2018 Conference takes place Dec. 9-13 in Abu Dhabi, where Wu will be recognized.

“I’m honored to receive this award because this is the largest telecommunications conference in the world with 4-5,000 professionals in attendance each year,” Wu said. “It’s very prestigious. Winning the Best Paper Award is very exciting.”

Wu has been a professor at LSU for 18 years and teaches statistical learning on optimization, estimation and detection applications, embedded algorithms for digital signal processing, speech and image processing, and wireless communications.


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Contact: Libby Haydel

Communications Specialist