Engineering Ambassadors Work to Promote College of Engineering

8/29/2017Engineering Ambassadors

A record 13 individuals recently joined LSU Engineering Ambassadors for the upcoming academic year.

This diverse student-service group represents the College of Engineering by leading recruitment tours, promoting various programs, and networking with alumni at special events.

Veteran ambassador Terrell Anderson was the first person hired in 2014 when the organization started. The industrial engineering senior from Dallas thought the job would be a great way to network and help incoming students. Since then, Anderson said he has seen much growth in the program. For example, he remembers when the college gave roughly 10 tours a semester. Now, it’s 10 tours a week.

“People have been getting the word out and realizing we are available for information,” Anderson said. “The recruitment effort has definitely come a long way.”

Anderson isn’t the only student that wanted to make a difference within the college.

When junior petroleum major Hannah Schroeder, a native of Niceville, Fla., was hired last spring, she knew she wanted to help place an emphasis on academics in the minds of potential engineering students.

“One of the ways I wanted to get LSU’s name out there was through being an ambassador,” Schroeder said. “I think students should understand that we are not just a sports school. We have a really good curriculum, too.”

Being an ambassador isn’t an easy task, however. Time management plays an important role in their lives. Regina Champagne and Sheila Mallenahalli both agree having busier schedules keeps them more focused.

Champagne, a junior chemical engineering major from Shreveport, La., said managing her time is like putting a puzzle together. On the other hand, Mallenahalli, a junior biological engineering major from Raceland, La., explained that a student may have to make sacrifices in order to make the pieces fit.

“In the end, it is about getting it done,” Mallenahalli said. “Whether that means getting to school earlier or staying up a little late to study.”

Melissa Dean, assistant manager of recruitment and outreach, said one of the highlights of her job is interacting with the ambassadors every day.

“They always know how to put a smile on my face and make me laugh when I may be having a stressful day,” Dean said. “I truly can’t do my job without them.”

You can learn more about the Engineering Ambassadors on their webpage.

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Written by Raven Nichols, communications intern, LSU College of Engineering

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