Twenty-Two Incoming College of Engineering Freshmen Receive Competitive Scholarships

7/21/2017Colin Hebert

Twenty-two incoming freshmen were recent recipients of competitive scholarships offered by the LSU College of Engineering.

Andy E. Osborn, recruiting and outreach manager in the college, said having a variety of scholarships available can make a change in the financial situation for many incoming freshmen.

“For some students, they might have been able to come here without the scholarship, but it (takes) a huge burden off of them,” Osborn said. “They can focus on what they want and not have to worry about working another job or always trying to make ends meet.”

Among the recipients are Jennafer Zimmerman and Colin Herbert, both of whom were awarded the LSU Engineering Traditions Scholarship.

The $10,000 scholarship honors the legacy of alumni by “paying it forward” to future leaders of the industry. It is awarded to those pursing a degree in engineering, construction management or computer science.

Zimmerman said this scholarship not only eased the stress of deciding between multiple schools but also helped her continue her family’s legacy. Both her father and brother graduated from LSU with degrees in agricultural and mechanical engineering, respectively.

The Huntsville, Ala. native said it was her dad that talked her into pursing a degree in engineering.Jennafer Zimmerman

“I was anti-engineering for a while and when it came time to pick a major, my dad suggested industrial (engineering) because I like efficiency and organizing,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman added she would like to utilize her major by working to improve hospital efficiency.

Like Zimmerman, Herbert’s father graduated from LSU but with a degree in mechanical engineering. Unlike his father, however, the Baton Rouge native is pursuing a major in computer science.

Herbert began programming at just 11 years old and said learning how to code was the first step in helping him find his career path. The LSU Engineering Traditions Scholarship, he added, gives him the opportunity to move one step closer to his dreams.

Zimmerman and Herbert were not alone in expressing their gratitude to the college for receiving their scholarships.

Madison Hasenkampf is a recipient of the Ronald E. and Cecilia M. Rinard Scholarship, awarded annually to a small group of students majoring in either petroleum engineering or environmental engineering. The scholarship totals $48,000 over a recipient’s college career.Madison Hasenkampf

Hasenkampf, a Baton Rouge native and environmental engineering major, said she was both thrilled and honored to be awarded the scholarship.

She chose environmental engineering as a major because of its hands-on nature and multiple opportunities for internships and research. Although LSU is one of the few universities she was interested in that offers the major, Hasenkampf had another reason for committing to come here.

“The new Patrick F. Taylor building features new labs and classrooms,” Hasenkamph said. “It makes it an appealing place to learn and study.”

Mechanical engineering freshman Matthew Hosman is no stranger to adjusting to new locations. The New Orleans native has moved to multiple countries on his journey to LSU. Currently, his family resides in Canada because of his father’s job as an engineer for ExxonMobil.

Hosman said he chose to attend LSU because he felt a personal connection to the university.

“When I came to visit LSU, everyone at the school was so nice,” Hosman said. “They seemed to really care about me.”

Receiving the Chevron Energy Leaders Scholarship excited Hosman because it meant recognition for his hard work.

“Now, it is not only you that wants you to succeed and expects you to succeed,” Hosman said. “There are other people who hope you can do the same thing.”

In addition to the scholarships mentioned, Osborn said the college will offer two additional scholarships – the Dean’s Engineering Excellence Matthew HosmanScholarship and a Dean’s Engineering Stipend. The excellence scholarship will be awarded to a certain number of high-achieving, out-of-state students; whereas, the engineering stipend is awarded to in-state students.

“We are fortunate that we do have a lot of donors and companies that are giving money on a regular basis for [scholarships],” Osborn said.


Raven Nichols, communications intern, LSU College of Engineering