LSU College of Engineering to Host Combat Robotics Competition

March 27, 2017

Louisiana State University will host its first annual combat robotics competition, “Bengal Bot Brawl (B3),” on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 pm. This event is free and Robotics Flyeropen to the public. Local high school students will also be invited to attend for a first-hand look at the LSU engineering experience.  

Four student teams from the College of Engineering will battle each other using 30-pound weight class robots for the chance to compete in the Robot BattlesTM at the 2017 MomoCon, May 25-28 in Atlanta, GA with all expenses paid.

“This competition is a fun and exciting way for the public, especially local high school students, to get to know our robotics program,” said Dimitris Nikitopoulos, Chair of the LSU Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department

The competition will feature intense one-on-one mechanical matchups, following the rules of the Robot BattlesTM. A robot wins a bout if it incapacitates the opponent or pushes it off the combat stage. The event will have a round-robin format with a final bout between two top teams.

Three of the participating teams are senior Capstone Design teams comprised of mechanical engineering (ME) and electrical and computer engineering (ECE) students. The fourth team is from Bengal Reauxbotics, LSU’s robotics student organization.

“We intend for this event to be an annual event that people look forward to attending each year,” said Nikitopoulos.

Robot BattlesTM is one of the oldest continuously running robotic combat competitions in the world. The competition has held over 60 events at conventions, Maker Faires and game clubs in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado and even Barcelona, Spain, according to their website.

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Media inquiries please contact Laura J. Odenwald at For general information about the event, please contact the robotics program coordinator, Dr. Marcio de Queiroz at