LSU College of Engineering Unveils New Five-Year Strategic Plan

The LSU College of Engineering has unveiled its newest Five-Year Strategic Plan, which focuses on how it will use the power of collaboration to improve the quality of life in Louisiana and beyond.

“Five years ago, the College of Engineering set out to improve lives, transform Louisiana and change the world, and in many ways, we achieved those goals,” said Interim Dean Mary Julia “Judy” Wornat.

In recent years, she said, the College significantly increased enrollment; added talented, new faculty members; expanded programming; formed mutually-beneficial bonds in the local, national and even internal communities; led a highly-successful campaign to expand and renovate its facilities; and pinpointed what attributes define the “LSU Engineer.”

“Now, as we charter the next five years, we will build upon that strong foundation and expand our reach—and we’ll do so together.”

The comprehensive plan, titled “Together, We Will,” focuses on how the College’s faculty, staff and students will work with alumni, community and industry partners and friends to achieve four specific strategies. Those strategies include:

  • Solving Louisiana’s greatest challenges through advances in engineering
  • Creating a knowledge-based economy for Louisiana by addressing the shortage of engineers, construction managers and computer scientists
  • Fostering a social network of vested individuals who are passionate about the College and the state
  • Reinventing how the College does business to better serve the needs of the state and nation

The plan, which was developed through an intense process involving various stakeholders, details each of these main strategies and lists specific goals and objectives. Each of these tasks will be monitored based on performance metrics established by the College and periodically assessed.

“Our goals are ambitious,” Wornat said, “but I’m confident they’re achievable.”


For more information about the plan or to view it in its entirety, click here, or contact Sydni Dunn, communications manager, at 225-578-5706 or