LSU Engineering’s Construction Management Experience One of Louisiana’s Largest Civil Construction Projects

B&K Construction Company LLC invited faculty and students from the LSU College of Engineering's Construction Management program to experience the site of one of the largest civil construction projects in Louisiana.

The Lilly Bayou Control Structure Phase II, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project, was awarded to B&K Construction Company LLC. The project's purpose is to provide flood damage protection for multiple parishes from the potential overflow of the Amite and Comite Rivers. The project will divert flood waters from the two rivers into the Mississippi River, which is better protected with levees. This is accomplished through 1.3 million cubic yards of required excavation, as well as the construction of the concrete control structure, stilling basin and outflow channel.

Several LSU students and administrators toured the Zachary site and were exposed to the full lifecycle of the very large construction project, which demonstrates the importance of many engineering and construction management disciplines taught at LSU. Opportunities, such as this visit, from corporate partners add to the overall LSU engineering and construction management educational experience.

"The B&K visit boggled my mind," said Savuan Tang, LSU construction management student. "I learned so much from touring the site and listening to the project leaders. I was glad to see that the majority of what I have learned through the construction management department was applied in all phases of the project. Surveying equipment was being used on site as well as the exact same textbooks we students are using in class. The visit really gave me inside knowledge on what companies seek in recruits and how crucial planning, scheduling, and implementations of the job are to my success. I felt more confident about how to prepare myself for the work field after the visit."

One of the most complex parts of the project was the creation of the concrete structure, consisting of approximately 40,000 cubic yards of concrete. The concrete for this project was produced with B&K's on-site concrete batch plant. The bottom slab for the control structure, when completed, will be 15 feet at the point of maximum thickness.

B&K is currently providing internship opportunities for LSU students who are enrolled in the College of Engineering's Construction Management (CM) curriculum. B&K is also a member of LSU's Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC), which helps support LSU's CM program. Jerry Andrews, B&K recruitment coordinator says; "We are supporting LSU through CIAC by concentrating on the hiring of the Construction Management students. In the past, we have provided numerous internship opportunities in order to build successful mentoring opportunities between industry and education. Currently, we employ five LSU graduates and four interns."

In 1978, H. Boone Kenyon was instrumental in forming B & K Construction Company. Later, he began a diversification plan to extend into multiple fields of heavy civil construction activities. Currently co-owned and managed by several LSU alumni, B&K has developed into a multi-faceted construction company with an experienced workforce and a reputation for quality performance.

In Louisiana, engineering and construction management disciplines are critical to the economy and environment. The LSU College of Engineering is dedicated to creating engineers and construction managers who solve society's problems, transform ideas into reality and generate prosperity that improves the quality of life.


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Article by Mimi LaValle, LSU College of Engineering, 225-578-5706,