Accelerated MSME

The Accelerated MS Program was introduced in 2003 as a procedure whereby all the required credits for earning B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering can be satisfied in 5 years. The primary motivation for the program is to facilitate and encourage our undergraduate students, in particular Louisiana natives, to pursue a graduate degree in the Department.

Admissions Process and Criteria

Students with an Overall GPA ≥ 3.5, and a Mechanical Engineering GPA ≥ 3.5 after having completed ME2334, ME2733, ME2212, ME3133, ME3701, ME3143, ME3834, ME4133 are invited to apply to the Mechanical Engineering Department’s Accelerated MSME Program.

Note: The selection is made by January of the Junior (3d) year (start of second Junior-year semester) of the students.

The selected students are now asked to talk with the ME faculty and:

  1. Decide on their Primary Area of Concentration (Thermal/Fluid Science, Mechanical Systems, Materials)

  2. Select a research project for their MS degree under the Accelerated MS Program

  3. Select their faculty advisor for their MS degree

  4. Identify the members of the MS Advisory Committee

  5. Students will then submit an application for enrollment into the program by:

    • Completing and submitting the “APPLICATION FOR THE ACCELERATED MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAM” application form issued by the graduate school,


    • Submitting a Statement of Purpose Essay (limit 1 page).

Note: Steps 2 and 3 must be completed by the last day of classes of the Spring semester of the Junior (3d) Year of the Student and step 4 must be completed by the end of May of the Junior (3d) Year of the Student.

Curriculum Requirements and Timeline

General Requirements for the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Degree

  1. Total Course Hours Required for Master’s Degree –24 Hrs.
    • A minimum of 5 courses (15 hours) must be from Mechanical Engineering
    • A minimum of 3 core courses (9 hours) must be from the Primary Area of Concentration (Thermal/Fluid Science, Mechanical Systems, Materials)
    • At least 1 course (3 hours) must be in Mathematics (one of MATH4038, 4340, 4036 or ME7533)
    • At least 1 ME core course (3 hours) must be outside the Primary Area of Concentration
    • At least 3 courses (9 hours minimum) must be at 7000 level
    • At least six (6) credit hours must be for Thesis Research (ME8000)
  2. Enrollment in ME7901 (Graduate Seminar) is required every semester with a maximum of 1 credit hour counting towards Graduate degree.
  3. No grade of “D” will count towards the Master’s degree

Roadmap to Complete 3/2-Program in 5 Years

  1. The student starts his/her participation in the Accelerated MS Program during the summer after Junior year (1st summer in the 3/2-program)
  2. The student completes ME3903 for a total of 3 credit hours during the 1st The objective of this course is to prepare the student to meet the needs and challenges of his/her research project.
  3. The student completes two Technical Electives towards his/her Undergraduate degree during the Senior (4th) year. These courses must fulfill the design requirements in the Thermal/Fluid Science and Materials areas.
  4. The student completes a Mathematics Course (one of MATH4038, 4340, 4036 or ME7533) and one 4000 or 7000 level course towards his/her Graduate degree during the Senior (4th) year, as per the student’s “Plan of Study”.
  5. The student is encouraged to attend or enroll for ME7901 (Graduate Seminar) during his/her Senior (4th) year.
  6. The student takes the GRE and submits a formal application to the Graduate School during the first semester of the Senior (4th) year.
  7. The student receives his/her Undergraduate degree (BSME) in May of the Senior (4th) Year.
  8. The student is classified as a Graduate Student beginning the summer after obtaining his/her Undergraduate Degree (2nd summer in the 3/2 program) and becomes eligible to receive Graduate Assistantship/Fellowship.
  9. During the 2nd summer the student completes ME7903 for 6 credit hours of independent study towards his/her Graduate degree. These courses will directly address the research needs and challenges of the student’s degree project.
  10. The student completes Graduate coursework according to his/her “Plan of Study”, during the Graduate (5th) year. The suggested schedule follows below:


  1. 3 courses (9 credit hours) at the 7000 and/or 4000 levels
  2. 3 credit hours of Thesis Research (ME8000)
  3. enrollment in ME7901.


  1. 1 course (3 credit hours) at the 7000 and/or 4000 levels
  2. 3 credit hours of Thesis Research (ME8000)
  3. enrollment in ME7901.
  4. The student completes his/her MS Thesis and defense adhering to the deadlines imposed by the Graduate School in the second semester of the Graduate (5th) year.
  5. The student receives his/her Master of Science Degree in May of the Graduate (5th) year.

Ph.D. Option

  • Students may elect to go directly for Ph.D. after completion of the 2nd summer internship. If this is the case, eligible students may be nominated for fellowships and enhancements/or supplements that are made available to Ph.D. candidates.
  • It is recommended that such direct PhD students as well as those desiring continuation of their graduate program toward Ph.D. take the department-administered Qualifying/Comprehensive Exams at a time corresponding to the end of the regular Accelerated MS Program, i.e., during ensuing August after the 5th

Note: Students who have completed the Qualifying/Comprehensive Exams get higher pay-rate assistantships than those who haven’t.

Guidelines for the Accelerated MS Special Study Subjects

ME 7903

Objectives: To develop independent research skills, including: literature review, and analyzing a component of the research.

Implementation: With the approval of the student graduate advisory committee, a professor in charge will be appointed for each student. The scope of the study will be defined by the professor in charge who will direct, monitor and have the final say in the evaluation of the outcome and the grade. A concisely written proposal will define the scope of the study and the expected outcome(s).

Evaluation and defense: The components of the evaluation include the general opinion regarding the progress of the student gained by the professor in charge, a final presentation, and a final report. The final presentation will be defended in front of a panel of three professors, including the professor in charge. One of the professors will be a departmental representative who will make sure that uniformity of standards is preserved.

ME 3903

This is carried out in consultation with the major professor or the professor named by him who would direct the activities. The work will entail initiation of research activities pertinent to the student’s chosen research topic needed for timely completion of the Accelerated MS Program objectives.

A written report and oral presentation are required at the end of the summer program for evaluation by the major professor or his/her designee. The oral presentation will be delivered during a special session scheduled during the last week of classes of the summer term to the group of Accelerated MS students and to any attending faculty and graduate student in order to disseminate the results.

Roadmap to Completing the Accelerated MS Program in 5 Years