Hyun Woo Jeon


Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering

3290B Patrick F. Taylor Hall

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA 70803



Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, 2015
  • M.S., Industrial Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, 2013
  • B.Eng., Industrial Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, 2001

Research Goal

To model, analyze, and improve manufacturing or service systems with operations research methods.

Research Overview

  • Methodologies
    • Applied Probability Theory
    • Queueing network
    • Discrete event simulation
    • Optimization
    • Design of experiments
  • Application areas
    • Manufacturing systems
    • Energy consumption and power demand
    • Service systems
    • Production scheduling


  • My current interest is to analyze, model, and forecast power demand on manufacturing/service systems with probabilistic approaches.
  • Relevant projects include a study to optimize production schedule at a system level with energy and production constraints and the LSU-IAC and TMHNA projects. Please see the below information for more details.

Selected Publications

H.W. Jeon, S.G. Lee, and C. Wang: “Estimating Manufacturing Electricity Costs by Simulating Dependence between Production Parameters” Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, accepted and available online (2018)

A. Ebrahimi and H.W. Jeon: “Minimizing total tardiness and energy cost by considering layout and scheduling in a flexible job shop” in Proceedings of IISE Annual Conference and Expo 2018, Orlando, FL, USA, May 19-22 (2018)

H.W. Jeon, S.G. Lee, A. Kargarian, and Y.C. Kang: “Power Demand Risk Models on Milling Machines” Journal of Cleaner Production (2017), 165, 1215–1228

S.G. Lee, B.D. Chung, H.W. Jeon, and J.Y. Chang: “A Dynamic Control Approach for Energy-Efficient Production Scheduling on a Single Machine Under Time-Varying Electricity Pricing” Journal of Cleaner Production (2017), 165, 552–563

H.W. Jeon, M. Taisch, and V. Prabhu: “Measuring Variability on Electrical Power Demands in Manufacturing Operations” Journal of Cleaner Production (2016), 137, 1628–1646

H.W. Jeon and S.G. Lee: “Manufacturing Energy Consumption Model for Product Mix and Design” in Proceedings of 26th International Conference on FAIM, Seoul, Korea, Jun. 27-30 (2016)

H.W. Jeon, M. Taisch, and V. Prabhu: “Modelling and Analysis of Energy Footprint of Manufacturing Systems” International Journal of Production Research (2015), 53, 7049–7059

Prabhu, H.W. Jeon, and M. Taisch: “Simulation Modelling of Energy Dynamics in Discrete Manufacturing Systems” in Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi Agent Manufacturing and Robotics, edited by Theodor Borangiu, Andre Thomas, and Damien Trentesaux, pp. 293–311. Studies in Computational Intelligence 472. Springer Berlin (2013)

H.W. Jeon and V. Prabhu: “Modeling Energy Performance of Manufacturing Systems using GI/M/1 Queues” in Proceedings of APMS 2013 International Conference, State College, PA, USA, Sep. 9-12 (2013)

H.W. Jeon and V. Prabhu: “Modeling Green Fabs – A Queuing Theory Approach for Evaluating Energy Performance” in Proceedings of APMS 2012 International Conference, Rhodes, Greece, Sep. 24-26 (2012)

Prabhu, H.W. Jeon, and M. Taisch: “Modeling Green Factory Physics – An Analytical Approach” in Proceedings of 8th IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), Seoul, Korea, Aug. 20-24 (2012)

Grant Funding

Project Title: Louisiana State University - Industrial Assessment Center (LSU-IAC)

  • Source of Support: Department of Energy
  • Total Award Period Covered: 09/01/16 – 08/31/21
  • Website: https://iac.university/

Project Title: A Unified Dynamic Control Framework for Energy Aware Electric Vehicle Operations

  • Source of Support: Toyota Material Handling North America (TMHNA)
  • Total Award Period Covered: 01/01/18 – 12/31/18
  • Collaborative research with Dr. Seokgi Lee at University of Miami

Graduate Student Funding/Hiring Opportunities

  • I am looking for highly self-motivated graduate students to join my research group.
  • Students with strong mathematical background in IE, ME, or EE will be preferred.
  • Research experience with manufacturing processes or power system models will also be a plus.
  • Any questions? Feel free to contact me.