Non-Thesis / Project Option 

The following procedure applies to student's pursuing the project option in either the MSIE or MSES (IE or ITE).

  1. With the consent and advice of the major professor, the student arrives at a tentative project topic.
  2. In consultation with the major professor, the student selects tentative committee members.
  3. For the Masters Project, a proposal is optional at the discretion of the Major Advisor. If required, see procedure for thesis proposal.
  4. The major professor guides and corrects the project work final report writing. The minor professors are also available for guidance and advice.
  5. The student prepares a draft of the final project report. The complete draft of the report should be submitted to the major advisor at least one month prior to final examination.
  6. Collect advisor’s suggestions on draft for revision at three weeks prior to final examination.
  7. Assuming the Major Advisor approves moving forward, schedule the oral examination with your committee and then submit the Request for Final Exam to the Graduate School at least 3 weeks prior to the final exam.
  8. At least 7 days prior to the final exam, submit print copies of the corrected final report to each committee member, and notify the appropriate graduate program coordinator and the departmental secretary of the exam date, time, and place for announcement to department faculty and students.
  9. The oral examination begins with a presentation by the student (15-25 minutes) of the project work, followed by questions on the project.
  10. At the end of the questioning period, the student and any guests are excused. The committee deliberates and discusses the student's performance and decides whether the student passed or failed the exam, and the student is informed. In the case of a pass, the committee may require changes or additions to the thesis, which upon completion will be reviewed and approved by the major professor. It is the firm policy of this department that students who do not perform well during the oral examination will not be passed. The committee will have the option of failing students or requiring a retest. In the case of a retest, the student must again appear for an oral exam questioning not sooner than two weeks following the original oral exam. The procedure may be repeated a second time at the option of the committee.
  11. The major advisor will submit  to the graduate school the Report of Examining Committee (aka signature cards) on the result of the project defense within a week of the meeting.
  12. After satisfactory completion, bound print copies of the report will be provided to the major professor and the committee members.

The student should be aware that the Graduate School imposes certain deadlines for submitting oral examination results and thesis and should consult the current graduate school calendar for dates. Should the student fail to meet all of the above deadlines, he/she will not graduate in that semester and must enroll in the University in the following semester. If the project is not complete, the student is required to register for at least 1 credit hour of coursework or independent study (IE7724). If the project is complete, the student may register for "Degree Only."