Master of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering for Ph.D. Candidates

Students who are admitted into the IE-related Ph.D. programs are eligible (and encouraged) to seek a Master of Science in IE on the way to completing their Ph.D. requirements. Candidates must meet the same requirements described earlier in this guide under "Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering." for either the thesis or non-thesis option. The thesis option is strongly encouraged for students who require exploratory research to assist in defining their dissertation topics.

The candidate must also meet all the following requirements:

  • Successfully complete all course work required for the Ph.D. program, and any prerequisite courses required for the MSIE program.
  • Successfully defend both the Ph.D. General Examination and Ph.D. proposal.
  • Obtain a letter from the committee that it strongly believes the candidate’s intent and he/she is likely to complete the Ph.D. degree requirements. The letter must be signed by all members of the candidate's committee.
  • Obtain written approval from the department chairman.

For the non-thesis option, the Ph.D. General Examination and Ph.D. proposal presentation will generally serve as the final examination for the MSIE degree.