Band Saw Safety Rules

  1. The upper guide and guard should be set as close to the work as possible, at least within 1/4 inch.
  2. If the band breaks, immediately shut off the power and stand clear until the machine has stopped.
  3. Examine blade before installing to see if it is cracked, do not install a cracked blade.
  4. Use the proper pitch blade for the thickness of the material to be cut. There should be at least 2 teeth in the material when cutting aluminum, and three teeth when cutting steel.
  5. Check the speed table for the material that you are cutting. Do not run the band saw too fast or the blade will wear out quickly.
  6. If the saw stalls in a cut, turn the power off and reverse the blade by hand to free it.

Safety goes beyond a set of information and rules to memorize. Safety is a culture. You live it by learning it, and learn it by living it ... so that you and others can go on living. SAFETY is very important!